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    L.12.12 Energized By Lacoste EDT 100ml For Men

    Celebrate the passion of the games with EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 ENERGIZED edition. Whilst remaining true to the original Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 BLANC fragrance, ENERGIZED is a twist on this original, offering an uplifting energy that renders the fragrance distinctive in its own right. The original Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc has been spiced […]

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    Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle By Lacoste EDP 90ml For Women

    EAU DE LACOSTE SENSUELLE accentuates an elegant but casual appearance, with a soft twist that is reminiscent of a joyful evening. Beginning with the refreshment given by an evening breeze, the fragrance opens with sparkling, vibrant pink pepper and contrasting tart blackcurrant. As the sun begins to set, EAU DE LACOSTE SENSUELLE evolves and the […]

  • 21,000.00

    Eau De Lacoste By Lacoste EDP 90ml For Women

    A soft sensual feminine fragrance, evoking the fresh feeling of white pure cotton on skin. EAU DE LACOSTE is built on a classical fragrance structure, where the fragrance evolves smoothly from top to base notes over time, but superimposing modern ingredients on traditional ingredients, to generate a much lighter fragrance profile.

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    Touch Of Pink By Lacoste EDT 90ml For Women

    Launched in 2004, this is an intriguing fresh, fruity floral fragrance. It has top notes of coriander leaves, blood oranges and cardamon, middle notes of jasmine, violet leaves and carot seed and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

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    Love Of Pink By Lacoste EDT 90ml For Women

    Lacoste has launched Love of Pink, a new follow-up fragrance to 2004’s Touch of Pink and 2008’s Dream of Pink. Like the earlier scents in the series, it is intended for ‘young consumers’.The notes include blood orange, passion fruit, citron, pink magnolia, quince blossom, stephanotis, white cedar, musk and vanilla.

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    Dream Of Pink By Lacoste EDT 90ml For Women

    Take pleasure in the soft, feminine fragrance of this limited-edition Eau de Toilette from Lacoste. Notes of fresh fruit and berries lead to a romantic bouquet of rose and lotus flower wrapped in a base of sandalwood and musk. Dream of Pink, the new limited-edition fragrance from Lacoste, is inspired by the power of dreams […]

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    Joy Of Pink By Lacoste EDT 90ml For Women

    Bright, sparkling and bursting with energy, Joy of Pink explodes in a flurry of neon pink ribbons. A joyous scent that encapsulates the vibrancy of youth and friendship, exhilaration and freedom, Joy of Pink is base around an exotic cocktail of Grapefruit and Blue Curaçao. The perfect accompaniment for making memories filled with love and […]

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    Inspiration By Lacoste EDP 75ml For Women

    Lacoste Inspiration has fruity and spicy top notes of pink peppercorn, pomegranate seeds, Mirabelle plum and mandarin zest. Heart notes are made up of a combination of white flowers including jasmine, tuberose and muguet. Base notes are creamy sandalwood, vanilla, iris and musk.

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    Lacoste Live By Lacoste EDT 100ml For Men

    On days when you need the courage to push the envelope, lacoste live can inspire you to find extra energy and enthusiasm . This unexpected and memorable men’s fragrance, which was introduced by lacoste in 2014, is designed to inspire creativity and celebrate edgy style. It opens with a burst of lime and fresh green […]

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    Eau De Lacoste L.12.12. Jaune By Lacoste EDT 100ml For Men

    The new release from Lacoste and its L.12.12 collection is inspired by the yellow polo shirt. “L” stands for Lacoste, the number 1 symbolizes the “Petit Piqué” material used, 2 represents short sleeves and 12 is the number of prototypes made before the final product. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow—Jaune is a scent that triggers […]

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    Eau De Lacoste L.12.12. Bleu By Lacoste EDT 100ml For Men

    Lacoste eau de lacoste l.12.12 bleu, from the fashion house is a pragmatic fragrance for the virile . The unpretentious yet sophisticated aroma embodies the various avatars of a man. The intense corporate or the sporty casual, the casanova or the dedicated lover, this is for all. It opens to the balmy notes of peppermint […]

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    Lacoste Rouge By Lacoste EDT 100ml For Men

    Rouge is the fourth scent in the Lacoste collection, joining Blanc, Vert and Bleu. Inspired by the iconic alligator emblem shirt, each scent harbors a unique persona, and with Rouge comes the addition of the confident, energetic man.